BURY Comets' Division Two side has continued to sweep all before it in recent weeks, with league wins against Edinburgh and Astley and Tyldesley sandwiching a victory in the Northern Junior KO Cup.

In Edinburgh, the side hardly put a foot wrong in an 89-57 victory, winning 10 of the 15 heats and only once dropping points to the opposition.

Adam Turnbull put in a captain’s performance, riding unbeaten from his four races, ably backed by Adam Taylor, Kaysar Mohammadi and Louis Turner.

One feature that has set this team apart in the past couple of seasons though has been the squad mentality and every rider made a strong contribution throughout the match.

Bury's Division One team found it tougher up at Redbraes in a 99-77 defeat against the defending league champions.

A number of key riders were missing as Will Owens and Neil Howarth led the way for Comets, Howarth soldiering on despite suffering a couple of heavy falls.

The match was competitive throughout, with the full squad again contributing to keep Edinburgh's score under 100 points.

In the Division Three race, Harry Radford rode unbeaten in the grand prix format, with excellent backing from Dawar Mohammadi against the four Edinburgh representatives.

Bury's Division One at home to Astley and Tyldesley was punctuated by heavy showers, which seemed to affect the Comets more significantly as they went down to a 97-82 defeat.

With 12 of the 18 heats drawn, the match was relative close throughout, but A&T proved the more consistent.

Bury's Kris Ramsden was top scorer across the two teams, continuing his excellent form this season, while Danny Taylor showed good form, his score trimmed by a gate exclusion.

The Division Two fixture was also closely fought until late in the match as the Comets shared the rides amongst the full squad.

Adam Turnbull rode unbeaten, with some excellent work against A&T’s number one Max Evans.

Strong backing came from Adam Taylor, Louis Turner and an excellent Kaysar Mohammadi, who took three rides despite fasting during Ramadan.

Some great rides late in the match by Asim Hussain and Steve Mann finally tipped the balance in Bury's favour as they claimed a 79-69 win to stay top. Harry Radford and Josh Neath also made strong contributions from the reserve slots.

The Division Three match saw A&T field 12 riders in the grand prix format, making victory theirs almost from the outset against the Comets' team of five.

In the under-13s category, Harry Radford, Josh Neath and Charlie Thacker all made a significant contribution, while at u10s, Kaci Neath rode unbeaten.

Bury's most impressive performances over the past few weeks came in the Northern KO Cup at Northumbria, where the juniors claimed victory and the senior team finished third.

The junior side retained their title after a three-way battle against Sheffield and Stockport.

The match saw the return of James Elston, who looked sharp in scoring 12 from the reserve slot.

All five riders worked well together to ensure a four-point winning margin over Stockport, who took second after a run-off with Sheffield.

The Comets beat fourth-placed Sheffield by a point to finish on the podium in the senior competition, which was won by Stockport who finished on 48, nine ahead of Bury and four in front of second-placed Astley and Tyldesley.

Danny Taylor top scored for the Comets, with good backing from Neil Howarth, while Kris Ramsden’s score was severely trimmed by a couple of exclusions.

Sunday sees the start of the Northern Fours and Grand Prix at Goshen, starting at noon, with training continuing midweek and on Saturday morning.


Northern League

Division One: Edinburgh 99 Bury 77

Bury scorers: Will Owens 17 (6), Neil Howarth 15 (5), Danny Taylor 12+1 (6), Adam Turnbull 8+1 (3), Eryk Motala 7+1 (3), Adam Taylor 7+1 (5), Alan Plimley 4 (3), Asim Hussain 3+1 (2), Kaysar Mohammadi 3 (2), Louis Turner 1 (1).

Division Two: Edinburgh 57 Bury 89

Bury riders: Kaysar Mohammadi 17+1 (from five rides), Adam Turnbull 15+1 (4), Adam Taylor 14+1 (4), Louis Turner 10 (3), Steve Mann 10 (4), Eryk Motala 9+1 (3), Harry Radford 5+1 (2), Asim Hussain 5+1 (3), Alan Plimley 4 (2), Dawar Mohammadi DNR.

Division Three: Edinburgh 42 Bury 28

Bury scorers: Harry Radford 16 (4), Dawar Mohammadi 12 (4).

Division One: Bury 82 Astley & Tyldesley 97

Bury scorers: Kris Ramsden 21+1 (6), Danny Taylor 17 (6), Adam Turnbull 13+1 (6), Adam Taylor 11+1 (5), Neil Howarth 10 (6), Asim Hussain 6+1 (5), Kaysar Mohammadi 4 (2).

Division Two: Bury 79 A&T 69

Bury scorers: Adam Taylor 15+3 (5), Adam Turnbull 14+2 (4), Louis Turner 13+1 (5), Asim Hussain 12+1 (5), Kaysar Mohammadi 9+1 (3), Harry Radford 7+1 (3), Steve Mann 6 (3), Josh Neath 3 (2).

Division Three: Bury 53 A&T 134

Bury scorers: Kaci Neath 16 (4), Harry Radford 14 (4), Josh Neath 10 (4), Charlie Thacker 8 (4), Rowan Neath 5 (4).

Northern KO Cup

Juniors: Bury 49, Stockport 45, Sheffield 45, Northumbria 20.

Bury scorers: James Elston 12 (4), Danny Taylor 12 (4), Adam Taylor 10 (3), Adam Turnbull 8 (3), Kaysar Mohammadi 7 (2).

Seniors: Stockport 48, Astley & Tyldesley 45, Bury 39, Sheffield 38, Hull 37, Northumbria 29.

Bury scorers: Danny Taylor 13 (4), Neil Howarth10 (4), James Elston 6 (2), Kris Ramsden 6 (4), Adam Turnbull 4 (2).