GRAHAM Lambert, a former Bury and District Snooker League champion and master cue restorer, has died, aged 67.

The ex-Bury Bridge Workingmen's Club and Elton player, who was known as the "cue doctor", passed away in hospital after a sudden illness.

He finished top of the table for most frame wins in the A Section for three consecutive years in the 1970s, often giving away up to 75 points to his competitors, and was considered to be good enough to turn pro.

He demonstrated that by a narrow defeat to future world champion John Parrott in a challenge match in Fishpool in the early 1980s.

Mick Burdaky, president of the BDSL and close personal friend of Graham, said: "He was one of the best snooker players ever to play in the area and in later years became known as the cue doctor as he was an absolute craftsman in renovating and making alterations to snooker and pool cues.

"Graham was known in his playing days as ‘the glove’ due to the fact he wore a fingerless glove on his bridge hand.

"He was a formidable opponent and was considered in his day to be of a professional standard, unfortunately there was a lot less money in the game back then and he was unable to find a wealthy sponsor to help pave his way into the professional ranks.

"Graham will be sorely missed by all his friends and customers."

He is survived by wife Bev and children Chris and ?????.

Graham’s funeral will take place at Rochdale Crematorium on Thursday, September 14 at 11.50am.