IT is a pastime associated with yesteryear, when the pace of life was slower than it is today.

But now, the art of knitting and crocheting seems to be making a big comeback.

To celebrate the revival of the cross stitch craft, staff and helpers at Whitefield Library in Pinfold Lane have started a new club — and everyone is invited to join in.

Knitting enthusiast Farkhanda Ali founded the group after being inspired by similar clubs at other libraries across the borough.

Explaining why she believes knitting has become in vogue again, the library’s centre supervisor, Janet Moores, said: “I think it’s a sign of the times.

“People are taking a more ‘make do and mend’ approach to things.

“Rather than going out and spending money on new things, they are repairing their garments or making their own from scratch.”

She added: “There was a time when many women would have work in their hands of an evening and the art form of knitting would be passed down from their mother or grandmother, but then people got busier and started going out more.

“People have got back into it because of television programmes such as Kirstie Allsopp’s Kirstie’s Handmade Britain, which focuses on using homemade items to improve your home.

“Also, knitting became big in America a few years ago and that has caught on here too.”

Members of the group can bring their own projects to the group or use the materials provided.

They can also knit jumpers for charities that provide clothing for newborn babies in Africa.

The group meets at the library at 9.30am each Tuesday, and is free to join.

Ms Moores added: “We have a really good age spread at the group and the more experienced knitters are happy to teach the less-experienced ones.

“And it’s not just a ‘women only’ group either. We would love men to come too.”