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MATCHDAY: Bury 0 Tranmere 1

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nomoresurfin 7:53pm Tue 1 Jan 13
The mystery about why Hughes was on the bench when he wasn't suspended is quite simply explained,Blackwell is an idiot.For the visit of the league leaders when one of your two available, experienced centre backs is suspended ,what manager in his right mind would leave the other one out? Doherty played well at centre back as we knew he would,he's a quality player, but equally Jones was hopeless at right back,again not unexpectedly as he was facing the best left sided midfielder in the division with only the bone idle Wylde for defensive cover.Ten games without a win is longer even than the hapless Shirtliff was given and it's clear now that Blackwell is just a wannabe Warnock mini me with few contacts in the game other than Warnock himself.He's also tactically illiterate,left wingers on the right,right wingers on the left which leads to a chronic lack of width.His negativity is astonishing,eleven men pulled back at defensive corners leads to no escape. How much time is spent working on dead ball situations? the corners taken by Wylde would have been an embarrassment at kindergarden level.Only three players on the field today looked up to the required standard,Doherty who is returning to Wolves(or going to Ipswich) has been magnificent,Worrall who we are expecting to offload at any minute has been shunted about the field to accomodate the likes of Wylde and Thompson,and Schumacher has led by example and looked the only goal threat for the last two months.The rest are not remotely good enough at this level for which we should blame a clueless board and three equally gormless managers in Barker ,Shirtliff and Blackwell.Next season looks like it will be a struggle to merely retain our league status which given the relative strength of the club's position whe Alan Knill walked out on us is nothing short of disgraceful.incident ally as badly as the club is run on the footballing side,on the commercial side it has been a laughing stock since the appointment of Peter Young.
Score: 0
Ivy Kelly 8:34am Wed 2 Jan 13
January is a crucial month for the Shakers- getting the embargo lifted , new players so what does the Chairman do? He goes on holiday just like he did in September and delayed the appointment of a new Manager and left the hapless Shirty in charge a while longer. The club has amateurish written all the way through it
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 2:00pm Wed 2 Jan 13
Ivy our board of directors and chairman would gladly walk away from their committments. Unfortunately nobody in the right mind would invest in a club with dwindling support,a clapped out football stadium and a manager that has been proved inept in his 3 months at the helm. We will no doubt join the likes of Chester & Stockport in the 5th tier of English football before too long. You reap what you sow in life and the seeds of disaster are now growing. It's time to swallow our pride and ask Allan Knill to take this club forward. I know i wasn't his greatest fan when he walked out on us. However the 3 managers who have taken over from when he left have been a disaster for our club. Perhaps Keith Hill could take the assistant manager's role when Shirty takes the Barnsley fc job,fingers crossed. I know the thought of an ex fail manager and Bolton connections might be hard to swallow for our 2500 fans.
Score: 0
pdgreenwood 7:33pm Wed 2 Jan 13
I was over from Geneva to see my first live match at Gigg lane this season. A couple of thoughts : do the players watch champions league or premier league matches? If so, have they noticed that few successful sides play "head tennis" with the ball bobbing aimlessly around until an opposing player controls it and play goes on. Similarly the "kick & run " tactic is rarely used as the main one in top flight matches. The "run around the park after the ball like a bunch of schoolboys" is not a good plan either.Of course you could question the players' talents. If you get rid of the ball as though it was a hot potato, firing passes at head height or at best chest height then you can hardly expect flowing football. Chairman? Manager? Players? I reckon the players could help out a bit more - Sodje spent his time playing with his mobile phone whilst his team mates "battled" on. Soares seemed to take interest in the game, which I appreciated. Some of the others should decide if swanning around with a WAG & a 4x4 is more interesting than actually putting in the effort & closing opponents down in numbers & not just just hoofing it to another part of the pitch & thus pushing the problem into someone else's back yard. Over & out. I'll still spend miserable saturday afternoons in front of football focus, hoping against hope...Good luck to all in 2013. We'll need it.
Score: 0
Eileenshakers 2:41pm Thu 3 Jan 13
Well PG i was just returning from a family holiday at my sister's in Luzern so i missed this game. Doesn't the chairman always decide to go away when we need decisive leadership and positive comments coming out of Gigg lane?. It appears that most of our squad have lost interest in our cause to stay up. Heaven help us if the manager feels the same way. I was right in my view that KB was completely kept in the dark with regard to our financial position. No surprise there then,he will need to wheel and deal if we are to have any chance of rescuing this desperate situation. We will have to do it with an inferior team that got us here in the first place. Why hasn't Shaun Harrad been recalled?.oh yes the player doesn't want to come back after the shoddy way he was treated by our last boss. So no strikers equals no goals with a dodgy defence (abientot a ligue 1.)
Score: 0

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