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Be Charlotte – Discover

Goldmyth – Faded Dream

Linn Koch-Emmery – Forever Sounds

Foliage – Dare

Annelie – KID

Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners – St.Paul

Tape Machines – s.t.u.p.i.d. ft. Sam Seg

Raceway – Steven Curtis


(Picture above by Jannica Honey)

Be Charlotte is all about the ‘damn good vibes’.

The Scottish band, led by Dundonian and pastel-haired Charlotte Brimner, mesmerise with their swirling synth-pop.

Song Discover sparkles with its blazing beats and punchy, infectious chorus.

About the track, Charlotte said: “I wrote Discover after I got home to Dundee after my first trip to America, it made me really appreciate the little things that I’d sometimes overlooked.

“I had a different perspective on life and really wanted to show this through this song, I like when people can take their own stories away from a song.

“All of my songs are about real things and with Discover it was just the realisation that I didn’t look up enough to see how beautiful things can be from a different perspective.”

The band have just returned from Cannes’ Midem Festival and are gearing up to play TRNSMT, Kelburn Garden Party, Meadows Festival and Northern Roots.



Goldmyth, from Provo in Utah, adds flavour into track Faded Dream by mixing wistful electro-beats with harp.

Janessa Smith, the songwriter behind Goldmyth, said: “I wrote Faded Dream about this day in particular where I woke up and I just felt ready to move on from a past relationship, because the memories had finally gotten far enough away from me to feel like they were really in the past.

“It was like the memories had all been poured into this dream world like it might not have even happened, and it was kind of a bittersweet exploration of leaving something behind.”



Sweden’s Linn Koch-Emmery serves up shoegaze in style.

Forever Sounds, the first single from the songstress’ forthcoming debut EP, is an infectious little number that could soundtrack an epic summer playlist.

About the song, Linn said: “Forever Sounds is about how sometimes you cant have any other perspective than what’s just now.

“And that feeling is something you chase. It’s very instant.

“It has a simple and poppy melody. We had lots of guitars and the chorus is driving, but there’s also something sad to it. Something that disconnects.

“I wrote the song with my friend Niklas and the final master actually ended up a lot like the demo we recorded from the start.”



Foliage is the solo project of Manuel Joseph Walker from San Bernardino, California.

Self-described as dreamy and jangly, the shimmering synth on track Dare tells the story of being held back when trying to find an escape.

Manuel said: “I wrote Dare in the year of 2015. I was in a relationship at the time that I didn't know was abusive. I was blinded and naive.

“I have struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder my whole life, this abusive behaviour did not help. I felt trapped.

“I was 17 at the time, just turned 19. So much happened in such a short time.

“The lyrics are as heard, ‘and it's all thanks to you, it wasn't worth it all’.

"Dare is about trying to find an escape, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

“I'm glad for this experience, I grew a lot and I hope others who hear this can get help and know they are not alone.”



Sweden’s Annelie captivates with her ‘space and sound’.

On song KID, the electro score hypnotises with its cinematic tenderness.

Of the track, Annelie said: “KID consists of parallel stories but the main theme is to ‘feed’ your inner child and take care of your first-born longings and dreams from an earlier stage in life.

“They are still very important later on in life, and has helped to form you into what you are and what you do right now.

“For me it was all about the dreaming of being a rock star as a child, endlessly staring at the MTV stars from the 90s doing their own thing with being characters on stage or acting in those cool music videos. ‘All you see is what you get’ is also a phrase flirting with the shallow social media climate we live in today - more than ever, even more than the glory days of MTV's prime time.

“We can all decide what we want to highlight and by that we also fake it 'til we make it. By presenting yourself in a specific way, you can also convince other people to think of you that way.

“We are also like pendants; reflecting each other in our appearances. It's hard to ‘do your own thing’ when everything is already made by others.”



Colorado’s Richy Mitch and the Coal Miners are all heart on song St.Paul.

Speaking about the track, the band’s Mitch Cutts said: “I wrote it this last December and during that time in my life it was the winter of my senior year at high school and I was apprehensive towards college and leaving my family, hometown, whatnot.

“I ended up writing this narrative about my girlfriend, who’s going to college in Minnesota.

“Writing this song was good for me, it kind of allowed me to give myself a different perspective through storytelling.

“The song itself is kind of a bit of a bummer. It’s about a long-distance relationship that falls apart and when I wrote it I was kind of playing out worst possible scenarios in my head and I just kind of happened to write all my thoughts down.

“The whole song came together super fast, it was two or three days and was a total roller-coaster of a song at first.

“There’s a lot going on and I did honestly put all my thoughts on paper and kind of went from there, so organising it was fun.

“But I do think the song has a very eclectic musical and lyrical nature and I think that emphasises the weird wavering thoughts and anxiety that went through my mind.”



(Sam Seg pictured above)

Stockholm-based producers Fredrik Jansson and Simon Gribbe have joined forces to create Tape Machines.

The dynamic duo have a joint desire to release good music, teaming with up-and-coming pop act Sam Seg on easy-on-the-ear s.t.u.p.i.d.

About the track, Fredrik and Simon said: “It is about that feeling when you’ve met someone that you deep down know is gonna get you burned.

“It’s about that time when you choose to ignore the little thoughtful person on your shoulder saying – ‘She’s gonna hurt you, and I’ll hate to say I told you so’. Looking back, you can’t help but feeling stupid. So s.t.u.p.i.d.”



(Picture above by Peter Molick)

Raceway is an instrumental group, based in Houston, Texas.

Primarily led by duo Carlos Pozo and Bryan Porter, the band’s music is atmospheric and moody.

On track Steven Curtis, the driving rhythm of dark melodic synth bursts into an airy beat.

Bryan said: “Carlos and I had been moving in a new direction musically and we wanted to make more positive and higher energy tracks.

“At the time, I had been listening to a lot of Tycho and Manitoba and bands such as Mogwai have always been a constant influence in our writing.

“Personally, I feel it shows a bit here with Steven Curtis.

“Our good friend David Schrader and I were throwing some ideas back and forth and he came up with a great synth line that Carlos and I started adding to and building off of.

“Once we had that lead guitar and Zach Alderman dropped his solid beat, we knew we had something we wanted to share.

“As for the name, that's a bit of a secret.”


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