THIS Christmas the world of the Brothers Grimm will be brought to life in a Faerie Feast at The Met.

Explore the world of the pair through specialist artist installations, culinary treats, original music and a comedic new script by the Bard of Barnsley, Ian McMillan.

Presented by Proper Job Theatre Company, Grimm's Faerie Feast tells the story of an evil, greedy Baron who ate and ate until all the food in the land was gone. The starving Brothers Grimm arrive at the Baron's palace to delight and beguile him with fairy stories old and new in a bid to stop him from destroying everything.

Artists Eleanor Mulhearn and Laura Davies have created interactive art installations for the show. Eleanor works at a miniature scale to create puppet-like figures and Laura works at full size, taking old pieces of furniture and transforming them to create a story.

Professional chefs Simon Taylor and Richard Walsh have created the culinary delights for the show. Taking inspiration from the tales, they have created treats that don’t look like food at all. Audience members may be presented with an edible cockroach or piece of wood, or an atomizer to spray an unusual smell. Each treat has been carefully crafted to fit with the story and to make the experience of the show truly multi-sensory.

Grimm’s Faerie Feast is at The Met from December 17 until December 24. For tickets and show times visit or call 0161 761 2216.