Ramsbottom Festival has been an incredible three days of music from not only all over the UK, but the world, showing family-based crowds a great selection of artists and genres.

But Rammy has also been a unique opportunity to experience some of the best new artists coming out of the Manchester music scene, official festival partners Scruff Of The Neck Records exhibiting some of the hottest new talent in the city.

Scruff Of The Neck, based in Manchester, showcase young and upcoming bands across the country. Focusing on the northern city, many of the bands regularly grace significant stages throughout Manchester's northern quarter and beyond.

Stand-out artists, Larkins and Delamere, both performed all-star sets at Ramsbottom Festival, advertising the importance of the record company and their work in Manchester to find and demonstrate the talent of the city.

The festival has been a chance for people of Bolton and Bury to see a snapshot of the thriving music scene in Manchester, celebrating the entertainment on offer there. If the quality of Ramsbottom Festival is anything to go by, Manchester's music scene is a collection of unknown pleasures waiting to be enjoyed.