THE Octagon’s award-winning productions of Roald Dahl’s work return with the new adaptation of Danny the Champion of the World.

Transformed from best-selling book to entrancing stage show, this production uses all the theatrical tricks of the trade to magical effect. There will be excitement and music, action and laughter, and some well-timed surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Designer Helen Goddard, the winner of the Linbury Prize award 2007, has created an enchanting set on which the story unfolds.

The Octagon’s artistic director, Mark Babych, said: “I’m really excited about directing this year’s festive production. It’s a story told with great love and good humour and is the perfect antidote to dark winter nights. “Guaranteed to warm the cockles of the heart, Roald Dahl’s tale will delight girls and boys of any age.”

A great favourite with children and adults alike; can one nine-year old child win the day and triumph against the odds?

Des O’Malley, who played the much-loved Wilf in last season’s Spring and Port Wine, returns to the Octagon to the play Danny.

Starring with him are Stephen Chapman as his dad, Thomas Alderson, Helen Kay, Elianne Byrne, Morgan George, and Martin Miller.

Tickets are from £8.50 and can be booked online at or by ringing 01204 520661.