DESIGNS for a luxurious housing development where properties will be valued at up to £2 million have been unveiled.

Four new deluxe homes are being built on a long-empty plot of land behind Christ Church Heaton.

The London-style villas are being constructed by Chorley New Road-based ICS Prestige, which says it expects the homes to sell for between £1.8 million and £2 million when they are completed next summer.

Two of the Markland Hill homes will boast rooftop gardens and all four will have either five or six bedrooms — with the option to use one as a games room or cinema.

Ron Stower, ICS Prestige commercial executive, says the development will offer something ‘unique’ in Bolton, on the Hetlands plot of land which has been derelict since the 1930s.

He added: “It was allowed to get into a fairly overgrown and derelict state as the land was left to a charity by its original owner and the trustees were not allowed to spend any money on the site.

“We picked it up in 2015 with a plan to build four luxurious homes.

“We are already building and the underground garages are in.

“Now we are looking to finish the groundwork and then the weather will determine when we are able to start on the brickwork.

“Hopefully we will have something for people to view next summer.”

Each house will also be equipped with large garage with a high-tech electric turntable for easy parking and kitchens designed by the internationally-acclaimed Diane Berry.

The property design and built firm’s website states that the project ‘will combine grandeur and distinction with a contemporary ambience’.