Q How can I make sure I’m looking after my teeth more when I’m at work?

A This is something that my patients ask me often. We spend a lot of time at work which means we’re always busy answering phone calls, dealing with people face-to-face, attending meetings, etc.

At times whilst we’re in between, or even during our work duties, we may have picked up some habits. These could be having a negative effect on our teeth.

One thing that the majority of us do without even realising it is chewing on a pen or pencil.

We do it when we’re nervous or when we’re thinking, either way it can damage your teeth.

Pens and pencils have rough surfaces and if you bite too hard you end up with a cracked or broken tooth.

This means you’ll need to have some sort of restorative dental treatment.

If you have a regular habit of doing this, you should keep a bag of carrots or celery nearby.

Which means if you do feel tempted to chew on something, it won’t be damaging to your teeth.

Another habit is snacking throughout the day. It’s a common habit in most workplaces and is a secret danger to your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth breaks down the food and produces acid as a result.

This acid then eats away at the tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay.

Taking regular smoke breaks is the most damaging to not just your oral health but your overall health, too.

Instead of taking smoke breaks, speak to your dentist or doctor for help quitting.

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