Q What is a veneer and how do I know if I need one?

A Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain or composite material that fit over the surface of a tooth and are bonded in place using dental cement.

If your teeth are chipped, out of line, discoloured or just spaced unevenly, dental veneers can be used to fixed those inconsistencies and help to provide you with a natural, attractive look.

Veneers are especially perfect, and less invasive, if you have multiple teeth that are out of line and you want a simple, pain-free solution that helps give your smile a natural, attractive look.

They can be a lot cheaper than having some of the more extensive treatments such as orthodontic braces or having individual crowns put in.

The procedure itself is quite straightforward and can be completed in two visits.

The first visit will be to prepare the tooth that requires the veneer.

This involves some of the outer enamel surface of the tooth being removed to ensure that the thickness of the veneer matches the amount of enamel that is removed, so that your teeth stay the same size.

An impression of your teeth will be taken and given to a dental technician who will make the veneers.

Once this is completed, it’s time to have the veneers placed. This will be done with special adhesive cement to ensure they stay permanent.

Typically, after the veneers are fitted they will take a while to get used to and you may get called in for a check-up and polish a week later.

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