A BRAND new beer designed as part of a competition is finally available to try.

Earlier this year, Horwich-based Blackedge Brewing Company asked customers to send in their ideas for a new drink, promising to brew their favourite.

The winner was Nik Molyneux, 35, of Westhoughton, who suggested a chocolate and orange flavoured imperial stout.

He was invited to help brew the drink himself and be the first to try it.

The 8.3 per cent drink is now available to buy in the brewery bar, at Moreton Mill, in Hampson Street, for a limited time.

Mr Molyneux said the drink is as strong as it looks.

“It’s an 8.3 per cent and you can tell it is!

“”The orange and the chocolate are quite subtle but that’s the whole point of it, you don’t want to over-flavour it.

“It’s not one you can drink all night because it’s heavy, I’d save it as a night cap sort of thing.”

Brewery co-founder Wayne Roper said it was one of the most straightforward ideas suggested and added that it’s been popular since its release.

He said: “We put the ten best suggestions to a vote on Facebook and this one won.

“The craziest idea we had was probably ‘Austrian smoked cheese’.

“To be fair, we’ve wanted to do an imperial stout for a while and it was quite a simple one to do.

“People really seem to like it as well, although it is very strong so probably an end of the night sort of tipple.

“It will probably be available for another week and a few other bars around the North West have taken a barrel of it.”