A MORRIS dancing club are encouraging people to give it a go as a fun way to lose some post-Christmas weight

The Horwich Prize Medal Morris Men train on Wednesdays at the Horwich Resource Centre, in Beaumont Road.

During the 90 minute classes, the foreman of the club teaches and practises a number of traditional North West style morris dances.

Bury Times:

Dancers are accompanied by a band and provided with props such as sticks and slings, although they don’t have to wear the traditional morris dancing uniform.

Richard Hall has been the foreman of the club for 3 years and he believes that it really is for everyone.

He said: “It’s a lot of fun

“My dad got me into it when I was six, so I’ve been doing it 16 years, and I’ve been the foreman for the last three.

“You get to visit loads of places you’d never usually get to.

“People may say it’s not for them but it definitely is. There’s a lot of people to talk to and it’s just something great to do during the week.”

On Wednesday January 9, I went down to the club to see for myself whether it was for everybody.

Bury Times:

Upon walking into the centre, I was quite relieved to see that we would be practising in everyday clothes rather than the full morris dancer attire - which appears extremely warm.

There was another new recruit starting for the first time, which put me a little more at ease and a real mix of ages.

Everybody was really friendly, helpful and patient as we learned a full routine within the space of 45 minutes.

Admittedly, I was very dubious before going in but it was actually great fun.

Richard, the foreman took us through some basic steps, and taught us a dance bit by bit until we could complete a routine around three minutes in length.

Bury Times:

It is extremely tiring as well, and I can definitely see how it would be a great way to keep fit.

Despite only staying for around an hour of the session, I worked up a real sweat and really felt that I’d been put through my paces.

I definitely would recommend it for anybody who is looking for a fun, interesting and different way to lose weight.

Sessions run between 8.30pm and 10pm on Wednesday evenings.