A GRANDFATHER was horrified to discover that a own-brand ‘pot noodle’ he bought for his four-year-old grandson contained alcohol.

Paul Stuart, of Blackrod bought the chicken and mushroom flavour ‘Snack Noodle’ from Aldi, Horwich around two weeks ago. 

Once his grandson had finished eating, Mr Stuart took the packaging away and glanced at the ingredients, only to find that it had alcohol in it. 

On his next trip to the store, he spoke to a member of staff and a manager - neither of which knew about the surprise ingredient.

Mr Stuart said: “Every so often, I’ll look at the ingredients in things and I noticed it said ‘Caution, contains alcohol’. I was absolutely horrified.

“I spoke to them in store and none of them realised and the manager even said he had given it to his son recently as well.

“It gets me wondering what other products contain alcohol.

Mr Stuart sent an email to head office with his concerns but he was not impressed with the response he received.

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He added: “They just gave me loads of corporate speak and said it passed trading standards . . . so did the lifeboats on the Titanic!

According to Aldi, the alcohol is found in the soy sauce sachet and the level is similar to that found in 1/100th a can of shandy.

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An Aldi spokesman said: “The soy sauce in this product contains 0.0074 per cent of alcohol, and evaporates when boiling water is added to the product. 
“We highlight on the packaging that alcohol is present, and the sauce also comes in a separate, optional sachet.”