SHOPPERS at Bolton Market may feel like they are in an episode of Blue Planet as they walk past one of the fish stalls this weekend.

A huge 50kg (110lbs) swordfish is on display at D.P. Hamer, complete with a fish which has been stabbed through its 'sword'.

Daz Hamer, owner of the D.P. Hamer stall visits Fleetwood four times a week to buy the freshest catch for his customers.

On Friday, he came back with the swordfish and plans to sell it to restaurants at £21.78 per kg.

He said: "I was in Fleetwood at 2.30am on Friday morning.

"I outbid all the other fishmongers and paid £750 for it."

The stall is no stranger to big fish and in the past they have displayed 400kg halibut.

Mr Hamer added: "We've had massive halibuts before but its the biggest swordfish we've ever had. The biggest one before this was half the size.

"It looks great, especially with that spear on the front.

"We're going to chop it up into chunks and sell it to restaurants."