A THRILL filled fairy tale adventure is coming to delight audiences at The Met.

Gonzo Moose Theatre Company are heading to Bury with their hilariously gruesome new show, Once Upon A Time.

Bursting with physical comedy, jokes, magical illusion, giant puppetry and live music the show is a wild ride through a perilous battle against evil.

It follows the famous brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm on the eve of their greatest triumph as they prepare to publish the final volume of what will become the greatest collection of fairy tales.

But a shadowy figure lurks in wait to collect an old debt. And if the brothers are unable to settle what is owed, their very lives could be in danger.

It now falls to their sister Lotte to travel deep into the woods of the Fairy Tale Kingdom to confront the malevolent threat and save her beloved brothers.

Once Upon A Time follows Monzo Goose’s hit shows The Thing That Came From Over There and What The Dickens, the latest in a line of productions which takes delight in spoofing genres, mashing up traditional tales and generally being silly.

Their shows have taken on them on successful tour around the country, including a well received run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

One Upon A Time will arrive at The Met on Wednesday, November 13 from 7.30pm.

For more tickets priced £11, or £7 for concessions, or more information call 0161 761 2216 or visit themet.org.uk/event/once-upon-a-time.