IN a career spanning over 20 years, comedian Jimeoin has learned not to take anything for granted.

Having grown up in Northern Ireland, he now splits his time between the UK and Australia, and is currently preparing to embark on the first leg of an extensive tour with his new show Ridiculous.

“People turning up for a show is always a plus,” he said. “There is a big difference from playing to 10 people a night which is what I did in the UK for quite a while.

“When you get a venue that’s full, it really puts a spring in your step.”

You’d think that having established himself as one of the top stand-ups, Jim would have become accustomed to success, but it’s not something he ever takes for granted.

“We live in a freelance world,” he said. “You can’t look at it as though you have got the job forever which certainly keeps you on your toes, but that’s good.”

The title of his new show sums up Jim’s approach to comedy - he loves the absurd and it’s something which means his comedy has a universal appeal.

“Whether I’m doing a show in Australia or England I don’t need to change what I do,” he said. “My comedy travels really well. I don’t mention politics or pop stars or people on Big Brother. I just avoid all those things.”

One thing audiences have come to love about Jim’s shows is that no two are the same.

“It would drive me mad to have a show that doesn’t change,” he said.

“I was in Edinburgh this year and I had someone signing my show for the deaf. She said ‘you change things all the time’. I do that partly for my own sanity.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of having to say the same thing word for word. I would be incapable of doing that. I’d glaze over. You could see it in my eyes.

“If you don’t write new material as you are going along, to me you are more of an actor than a stand-up.

“I enjoy finding new stuff and then taking it sideways.

“Also I think that an audience is up for seeing stuff that’s different. They like that variety.”

As a dad of four, Kim carefully plans his lengthy tours around family life.

“I avoid working around school holidays so I’m lucky and get to spend plenty of time with the kids,” he said. “That’s why I do think I’m blessed in doing what I do.”

Talk to many comedians and the one thing they find difficult about extensive tours is the travelling.

But for Jim, it’s actually a bit of a bonus.

“I love British history,” he said. “I think it’s partly because in Australia there aren’t the same sorts of buildings which cover the history of a place as they do in the UK.

“I’ll always go to a cathedral if there is one and to be able to visit somewhere like York in amazing for me.

“Some of the dates on the tour I have never been to before so I’ll make sure that I get there early and have time to have a walk around the town.”

Jimeoin plays the Lowry, Salford Quays on Saturday, October 13; Preston Guild Hall on Sunday, October 15; King George’s Hall, Blackburn, on Friday, October 20 and Burnley Mechanics on Thursday, November 2