A CURRY so hot it has an age limit to buy has been launched by a supermarket for National Curry Week.

Morrisons has launched the Volcanic Vindaloo — the hottest supermarket curry ever made in the UK.

The dish features the naga chilli, one of the world's hottest and 200 times hotter than a measly jalapeno.

The red-hot curry costs just £1.50 and it is recommended that only people aged over 16 tackle it.

Morrisons ready meals expert, Sean Gill, said: “Curry fans have been telling us that they just don’t get the fiery heat the want from ordinary ready meal curries.

"So we decided to take up their challenge and create the hottest ready meal in the country — something with the extreme heat you get when you order a Vindaloo in your favourite restaurant.

"We’re looking forward to hearing what they think.”

Morrisons has created a hashtag — #volcanicvindaloo — so chilli fans can upload videos of themselves tackling it.

Craig Archer, Bolton News and Bury Times business editor, braves Morrisons' Volcano Vindaloo

Bury Times:

RESPECT the volcano! That's all I'm saying — be careful, be very careful.

Supermarket chain Morrisons has just launched the Volcano Vindaloo and is claiming it is the hottest UK supermarket curry ever.

It is, from the first mouthful to the last, it's a burner. An explosion of heat that fires up your lips, throat and tongue.

Hours after eating the chicken dish I could still feel its heat in my mouth — my wife gave up after the first mouthful.

It's not surprising, it is made with the naga viper chilli which is 200 times hotter than a jalapeno or Tabasco sauce. As well as these chillis — which have a Scoville rating of 1,382, 118 — the curry is topped with roasted whole green chillies.

Some Naga chilli varieties are hotter than pepper spray and others have been used to develop tear gas grenades.

Don't get me wrong, I love a nice hot curry down my local restaurant — madras and jalfrezi are my favourite — but this one is on a different level.

So much so, its packaging carries a warning notice and it has been given a six chilli rating — the first time it has ever been used on a Morrisons product. The supermarket has strongly recommended that only people over the age of 16 tackle the meal.

Good luck, you'll need it...