TO think it was a year ago when I sowed those tiny purple sprouting broccoli seeds into little pots and now they are getting ready to send up huge tasty spears of purple deliciousness. Harvesting purple sprouting broccoli means only one thing, Spring is officially here.

It might be small right now, but in a few weeks, I will be filling my allotment basket with it and it's so good for you.

It's one of those vegetables that pretty much looks after itself, it is not a diva like a tomato. You sow it, you plant it out and that's it.

The only thing you might need to do is put a bit of netting over it in summer to keep the butterflies from laying their eggs on the foliage. But if you've got tiny allotment helpers why not get them to collect the caterpillars for you.

Purple sprouting broccoli is easy to get started. Sow the seeds into small pots using a decent multi-purpose compost. When they get to a size you can handle , prick them out into larger pots - 9cm pots are fine - and give them a drink. Start to harden them off slowly and when they get to around 9cm tall find them a quiet home on your plot.

Make sure they are firmly planted they hate being rocked about, watch out for caterpillars and that about it.

So get sowing yours this weekend and this time next year you can share in the joy of seeing tiny purple sprouts popping up after a long winter. It's the best feeling in the world walking back from your plot with your first real harvest of the year.

My allotment to do list:

Onion sets and garlic should be planted out now, but my soil is far too wet right now.

Peas and beans can be sown.

Get chitting seed potatoes, I don't plant mine until later in March.

Sow Brussels and summer cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli

Plant bare rooted fruit trees before leaf burst.

Any allotment questions, email: