So in the space of a week there's been snow, beautiful sunshine and everything in between. I have to say I really wasn't expecting the snow the other day. I opened my curtains and just laughed my garden was totally white, I had planned on doing some weeding that morning, early Spring is unpredictable at best.

We might not able to plant things out yet, but it's definitely time to clear away the winter blues and have a really good tidy up on the plot.

Remove anything past its best, old leaves, smashed pots it will feel great once it's all ship shape and you'll be ready to concentrate on planting out.

Slugs are beginning to pop their slimy heads up now usually when temps rise above 5C so why not beat them before they become a massive problem. Lift up every pot you have out in your garden and plot and look around and under them, move away piles of leaves from near any planting areas these are all the slugs best hiding places. I collect them all up and throw them to my chickens, some good should come from those slimy critters I guess.

I learnt two terrible facts this week which has sent me on my quest to rid my plot of slugs one was this, in one cubic metre of land there will be around 200 slugs. I know I won't get them all, but if I can make a little dent early doors it might help me later on in the season.

I'm also thinking of investing in some of those nematodes, the price keeps putting me off, however, it was so wet last year I just know I'm in for a right slug fest this season.

Oh the other fact was slugs have 27,000 teeth, see why I'm on a mission?

My allotment to do list:

n Second early potatoes can be planted out soon so get your plot ready.

n Tomatoes which have been started from seed and have their true leaves can be carefully pricked out and moved into bigger pots.

n Sow your Beetroot, Swiss Chard, Kohl Rabi and Perpetual Spinach out in a prepared bed, but cover with a cloche.

n Broadbeans started off in pots can be planted out once big enough.