How are you getting on with your seed sowing? I was talking to an allotment friend this week who asked me that question too. She was stressing out about how far behind she was beginning to feel.

It's a terrible feeling we all get it from time to time and it's completely not true. April is early spring, with the emphasis on early and I will add cold!

If you're starting to feel that way, then stop immediately.

There's loads of time yet, the soil is still very cold so even if you sowed everything in a heated propagator last month you're only going to have to pot on and on until the soil outside is warm enough to plant into.

I love the old saying "A warm bottomed farmer will happily sow" which basically means if the soil is warm enough to sit on with your bare bum then sow your seeds or transplant outside.

Before you ask, no, I use the back of my hand - I don't think my fellow allotment neighbours would be too impressed with that sight!

If you are feeling behind on sowing, then please don't, because look, only last week I got around to sowing my Nero Toscana Kale. Isn't it wonderful when you see your seeds waking up, I never tire of it.

Nero Toscana Kale is a family favourite in our house. It's what I call a 'meaty leaf', if that makes sense? It's a veg with substance and goes with pretty much anything you're cooking. So I always sow plenty. If you've never tried it, it's definitely one to have a bash at this season.

It germinates very easily, looks pretty in the veg plot and tastes good on the plate too.

My allotment to do list:

n Sow a few rows of rocket under a long cloche for protection.

n Jerusalem artichokes should be planted by the end of the month.

n Give the raspberries a good thick mulch of garden compost not only to replenish the soil but keep their roots happy too. Whilst your there cut out any dead canes and tie them in to their supports.