I RECEIVED an email from Brian asking about growing apples and other fruit trees from seed.

You certainly can do it, but it takes a lot of effort with no way of knowing if you will leap rewards.

I will confess I've never been able to get plum or peach pit to germinate and maybe that's a good thing. Many of the plums we get in the shops are imports from abroad and the chances are they aren't going to like our conditions especially in the North West.

Apple seeds are much easier to germinate. I find using an old fairy cake container works wonders. Just put a piece of kitchen roll in the bottom to hold the seeds like a cushion pour some water on it and fold the lid down to keep the moisture in; then wait to see what happens.

I do this to see which seeds are viable, not all will germinate; so don't waste too much time and compost on dud ones. Then once they are putting out tiny little roots pot them up. Keep their compost moist not soaking.

Growing any fruit trees from seed will always be a gamble. Much of the tree stock will be grafted, so there's no saying you will be able to produce fruit which will taste the same as the parent.

Then there's pollination issues is it going to need to be cross pollinated from other trees such as triploid varieties.

In my opinion if you wanted to grow a particular wonderful tasting apple from a neighbour then get a cutting in winter, or find out what their tree is and buy one or better two trees yourself, then you are 100% sure of success.

I would love to hear how you get on, so keep me posted.

If you're anything like me, you will be germinating seeds just for the fabulous challenge of it all.

My allotment to do list.

n Sow some summer cauliflower, beetroot and carrots.

n If you have fruit trees or bushes in pots now would be great to get them planted.

n It's almost your last chance to get in Jerusalem artichokes tubers.

n Keep that horticultural fleece handy the weather is so unpredictable at the moment.

If you have any allotment queries, email: vixlot@outlook.com