HASN’T it been a cracking year for courgettes? I think we have been eating them with every meal since July.

The yellow ones are my favourite, they go beautifully with any kind of pasta and they are belting in a curry as well.

The runner beans are going full pelt now too and everywhere you look there’s a pot marigold smiling at you, its wonderful down on the plot.

August pretty much sums up what having an allotment is all about, it’s the ultimate walk in pantry.

You walk in hungry and walk out with a full basket of the finest food on the planet.

You feel like a peacock strutting around your plot admiring all your wonderful produce, working out what to eat next.

It is important to pick it though, don’t let it spoil.

Pick it and if you have a glut give it to your neighbours. The old folk in my street love it when I stop by with plastic bags of goodies.

I remember seeing a sign in a pub in The Lakes which asked locals to bring their veg and swap it for a light meal or a pint! Shame we cannot see more of that happening.

If your neighbours are up to their armpits in fruit and veg too then preserve it in jams or pickles, or freeze it for the winter.

I always like to have a jar of my pickled veg and chutney at Christmas, it reminds you of summer.

I confess I’m a little piggy for a cheese board and home made chutney. I actually have to hide it at the back of my cupboard and hope I don’t spot it until December.

It seldom happens, but I do try my hardest.

My allotment to do list:

Any beds which are now empty dig them over and keep them free of weeds by covering with plastic sheeting, cardboard or a really thick mulch of manure.

Pin down strawberry runners.

Carrot root fly is still around so don’t bruise the leaves when you are pulling a few up.

If you have any queries about your allotment, email: vixlot@outlook.com