BANK holiday weekend saw the dawn of a new era for Bolton’s indie music scene. Stewart Hay reports.

ON Sunday night, Jordan Allen, lead singer of the Bolton band which bears his name, hosted the first Electric Feel night at the Indie Hideout on the second floor of Kahiki nightclub in Bradshawgate.

Kahiki’s upstairs bar has been transformed into what music lovers are hoping will become the town’s indie hub.

It plans to host DJs playing indie favourites and also have live performances from local artists.

There had been some concern about the lack of a suitable venue for the scene over the past couple of months following the closure of the popular indie club Blind Tiger in June. Read comment about that here.

When the Nelson’s Square venue shut down many believed the indie scene in Bolton had died along with it.

However, the reports of scene’s demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated if last weekend was anything to go by.

Jordan Allen, the lead singer of his eponymous band who have helped to reinvigorate the local scene in recent years, was DJ on the night and will be performing more sets in future at the Indie Hideout.

He said: “We know better than most the importance of having somewhere both for indie fans to go and for Bolton bands to perform.

"It’s something that was key to our own success and by running this night we want to revitalise the local scene and make it better than before.

"Without it local people who like this kind of music will stop coming to Bolton and start going to Manchester instead which would be such a shame.

"Ultimately, we are hoping to end up getting some of best new bands across country down as well and get Bolton back to being place where these bands stop off like they used to at Blind Tiger, which saw the likes of Blossoms playing when they first started.

"We know the demand is there so all we ask is that you show your support by coming down on Saturday nights!”The night itself was a resounding success with many of the town’s devoted indie club goers making the most of the opportunity to enjoy the new night."

Will Jones, 24, from Harwood, was one of those who enjoyed the opening night. He said: “All the loyal indie fans showed up and it was a really good turnout. Hopefully this night goes from strength to strength and becomes even more prominent in the future”

Abi Close, 22, from Edgworth, added: "It was a really fun night. It’s nice to have an indie night back in Bolton”

Tom Leaver, 24, from Heaton said: “I was absolutely gutted when Blind Tiger shut down so I’m equally delighted that the void has been filled so quickly.”

Former Blind Tiger DJs Russell Wood and Danny Broadhurst will also be taking on DJ responsibilities at the hideout on alternating weekends.

The Electric Feel night at Indie Hideout will run every Saturday from the first of September.

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