A BOLTON metal band have released their debut album.

Dissonance, the first self released LP from metalcore five-piece Asleep At The Helm is out now, featuring 12 slabs of blistering metal.

Relative new comers to the scene the band formed in February, 2018, from the ashes of a number of Manchester and Bolton bands, in which several of the members had previously collaborated.

Asleep At The Helm comprises Dylan Barrett on lead vocals, Brandon Carson on guitar vocals, Adam Kenyon also on guitar and vocals, Ryan Johnson on bass and vocals, and Alex Dawson on drums and percussion.

Already seasoned musicians the band wasted no time in writing material and headed into the studio to start recording tracks in April last year.

Combining mighty riffs, crushing breakdowns and a coalescence of harsh and clean vocals, their self-released effort is imbued with a staunch DIY ethic, encapsulated by the fact that much of the tracks was laid down and recorded in band members' bedrooms ­— with the drum tracks recorded at Bury College thanks to a favour to the band.

Bassist Ryan said: "This is our first album since we came together in February last year, but it wasn't like we came together and had no ideas. Ever since we formed there as been something to work on.

"We started recording in about April time and there's a few tracks that are bit older.

"The songs are a mix of heavy breakdowns and cleaner and more angelic sounding parts ­— which comes from having four vocalists.

"The recording process was really enjoyable. A lot was just done in Adam or Brandon's bedrooms.

"But we did have stressful moments. With work and things getting in the way it was hard to get things done, and we could have got the album done a lot quicker without these issues.

"I'm extremely blown away with how it's turned out. With the production quality you would not be able to tell we just did it in a bedroom. A lot of hard work and money went into it."

Although the band were admittedly slow to head out on the road and play live gigs the band have courted a lot of early attention and launched into 2019 with a headline show at Manchester's Rebellion.

Ryan said: "Rebellion was a great way to kick off 2019. We were really pleased with the turn out because Architects were playing just down the road at the Victoria Warehouse, and there were over 100 people at our show."

Asleep At The Helm have also lined up a string of dates for 2019, including slots at Kick Up Festival in Sheffield on May 18 and Hang Tight Festival in Blackpool on June 1.

Ryan said: "From October we were focussed on the album. But we have started getting into gigging a lot more and I like to think we have done a good job so far.

"We have concentrated on the North West but we are looking to branch out, and we are going to be playing Hang Tight Festival in Blackpool and Kick Up Festival in Sheffield.

"Sheffield is a city known for its metalcore scene and we're really buzzing for it. We will be playing alongside This City Is Ours and On Hallow Ground and its going to be awesome. We can't wait to get down there."

Dissonance is out now and available to stream and download.

For more visit www.facebook.com/AsleepAtTheHelmOfficial/ and asleepatthehelmofficial.bandcamp.com/album/dissonance.