Why is this girl wearing a dress made from copies of the Bury Times? Irma Heger investigates...

OUR eyes are not deceiving you — the girl pictured is indeed wearing a dress made of copies of the Bury Times, back in 1973.

Today, there’s an eye-catching sofa featuring proper Bury Times’ newspaper fabric at the newspaper offices.

But in 40 years ago, there were no such luxuries, it seems...

Miss Mini Bury, 13-year-old Wendy Shortt from Victoria Street in Ramsbottom, is seen here gamely sporting a Bury Times news- paper “gown” – complete with bow and tiara.

She was about to enter into the Mini Miss World final, which was held in Morecambe, for reasons best known to the organisers — and wearing a dress made of copies of her local newspaper was one of the entry conditions.

The Bury Times, dated from September 1973, made no mention of how Wendy made the dress or how (un)comfortable it was to wear.

However, it did mention Wendy still had to make her own sash, and her bouquet “of tissues”.

Posing for the photographer, she did admit to being “a bit nervous...”

If anybody knows how Mini Miss Bury went on, then do get in touch.

Another local heroine of the same era was Anne Westwood, who won the title of Bury Sportswoman of the Year in 1972 and is seen here preparing for the ladies’ darts title broadcast on ITV. The ultimate prize played for was a gold medal and £150.

Anne played in the Thwaites’ League at her local pub, the Help Me Thro’ in Bury, once a week.

At the time of this photograph, she already had a string of titles to her name, including Individual Lancashire Champion 1970-71-72, Individual England and Wales Champion 1971 and four-time Bury Individual Champion.

Did Anne secure the title — and what happened to her later in life? If you know, please share your knowledge with us. Girl power...

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