DO you recognise the scene in this photograph? It’s a watercolour of the Hare and Hounds in Holcombe Brook, showing it in times gone by. The painting is owned by Beryl Ayre, who has fond memories of the pub which were triggered recently when Nostalgia featured old photos of the inn on Bolton Street West.

Beryl’s late husband Ron, an electrical sales engineer, used to be very involved with the pub, running darts matches and trips. At the time, the couple lived in Springwater Avenue in the village.

Said Beryl, who is 77: “Many years ago, my husband and myself were asked to look after the pub for a weekend _ it must have been in the 1970s.

“It was a big challenge, as it was still 11 o’clock closing time and I was the ‘chucker outer’ _ I used to try to get people to leave, diplomatically, because people weren’t very pleased they had to go.

“My husband had to keep an eye on the staff and worked a bit behind the bar.

“It was a very, very busy pub, and at the end of the day we had to cash up and clear up, and be up again early the next morning to let the cleaners in and take deliveries.

“But we must have looked after it well, as the landlord asked us again some time later _ I think his name was Stewart but I can’t remember his surname.

“The whole family had to move in, myself and my husband and our son Peter, daughter Karen and even our Boxer dog Lisa.

“We weren’t paid for this, but we were given a picture of an old picture of the Hare and Hounds which was hanging in the pub at this time.

“The picture frame is very old, it’s dark carved wood and has a hessian back and it’s quite heavy.”

Beryl said the signature on the painting reads P Kavanagh, and close inspection reveals an old street lamp hidden by the frame, as well as a glimpse of Peel Tower.

If you know anymore about the painting, or have memories and photographs of the Hare and Hounds, please contact Irma Heger,, The Wellsprings, Civic Centre, Bolton BL1 1AR.