HEIGH ho, heigh ho, it’s off to work we go! The seven dwarfs knew how to keep spirits high when it came to their employment. Perhaps it was down to their natty workwear?

Floppy hats and shoes, and jackets worn with big-buckled belts may not be suitable for every line of work, but workwear is essential in lots of industries.

At best it can reflect and enhance a company’s carefully-constructed, smart and professional image.

Quality workwear has an added, secret benefit, too — and perhaps the dwarfs were wise to this — because it can improve productivity.

Not everyone believes the cost of workwear is justifiable, and investment in other areas of the company often comes first in these hard-up times.

But, with the right workwear, there’s increased safety and comfort, less risk of harm or injury, and harder work done more happily as a result.

The good news is that top quality workwear doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Take Fred Singh’s Clothing Stall on Bury Open Market. It offers a great range of top quality protective clothing and workwear, alongside some leisurewear, all on the doorstep.

Whether it’s a high-vis jacket, vest, tabard, overalls, white coat, boots, wellingtons or other item of work-related garb, Fred Singh will be able to come to the rescue.

As a special offer, the stall runs a buy one, get one free offer on high-vis vests this week.

And don’t let a lack of branding unravel your company.

Branded workwear, showing your company’s name, improves visibility no end — and embroidery is a great way to transform plain workwear into walking advertisements.

Sew-What Embroidery Services on the open market has this area all stitched up.

It embroiders company logos, slogans or names onto shirts, t-shirts, coats, hats, trousers or bags — almost anything you can think of (even towels, which make great presents) with prices starting at a modest £5.

Bring any garment — including those bought from Fred Singh — along to the stall, and discuss your individual requirements with the friendly staff.

Sew-What’s special offer this week is to have the back of an item printed for £10, and get the front free, which offers a saving of £5.

You will find both stalls on Wyndham Block.