SO many apps, so little time.

To save you the hassle of spending hours trawling through Google Play Store, I've drawn up a list of my favourite Android apps - some of them are "must haves" and some of them are quirky little funsters that you might want to give a whirl.

Let's start with the big guns - Google Play Music.

If you don't have this yet, then you don't know what you're missing.

As a cloud music player, Google's offering is pretty much unrivalled if you have a large MP3 collection at home that you want to take with you everywhere.

Uncle Google lets you upload 20,000 MP3s, at no cost, to their servers, which you can then stream anywhere (preferably over Wi-Fi, but a good 4G data plan would make this superb).

Plug a decent set of headphones into your phone and you can listen to all 120 Tangerine Dream albums while lying face down in a hotel room in Tashkent, if that's your thing.

And if you like your music obscure but can't be bothered to choose, then you'll want TuneIn Radio, a handy and user-friendly app that gives you access to a shedload of radio stations from all over the world.

Dutch trance, dubstep, Goa, ambient drones, or even the latest news and views from KKMP in the Northern Mariana Islands - this little fella really has something for everyone.

The app that always seems to make it onto everyone's "must have" list is Evernote. That's because it's brilliant.

Another cloud app, this time it hosts all your textual scribblings and allows you to access and edit them from anywhere. I'm writing this column at home on Evernote now (on my desktop PC), and I don't even have to think to ensure I'm able to grab it in the office tomorrow (relatively, not when you're reading this - we're getting into temporal paradox territory here) ready to print.

I'll assume you know about BBC iPlayer, but you might not know about TVCatchup, which lets you watch all the Freeview TV channels on your phone or tablet (via Wi-Fi). Great.

Another cloud app that you'll wonder how you ever lived without is Dropbox, which lets you store your files (as long as they're smaller than 300MB) online, and is great for sharing lots of high quality photos with friends, or other things that are too big to e-mail. Google Drive is another good alternative.

And what's the best app for keeping up with the footy on the move? It's got to be Soccer Livescores. Silly name aside, it's always bang on with notifications of goals and allows you to follow pretty much any team in the world.

Did you know that BATE hammered Slavia Mozyr 6-1 in the Belarus Vysshaya Liga the other day? You do now.

And finally, my favourite game (because I'm something of a geek) has got to be Wordfeud. It's like Scrabble, but different enough not to infringe patents. And it's much better than Words With Friends, which looks like someone vommed on your screen and has a dictionary written by simpletons.

Wordfeud is where it's at. Drop me an e-mail if you want a game. I will destroy you.