IF you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise . . . whether you’re heading for Chesham Woods or Burrs Country Park, a picnic is the perfect way to celebrate summer, with or without teddies.

With the season’s sales now in full swing all over Bury, this is the best time to add to, or start off, your picnic kit, ready for when the sun decided to show.

A plastic cool box is the most practical choice for ferrying food to your chosen spot, along with acrylic plates and a jug, which you can pick up for £3.50 each and £8.50 at Debenhams at the moment.

To keep the kids entertained, it’s essential to bring some toys. What would be more appropriate than a teddy or two? Build-a-Bear has the perfect offer if a new cuddly character is called for. Just head over to the store in Bury’s The Rock, and get your little darlings to make a Lil Bunny Big Ears (£13.50) or how about a Paperback Puppy (£15) — they are the perfect companion for any outing, and £1 from the sale of each puppy goes to the National Literacy Trust.

Just add a ball and a badminton set, and you’re all ready to go for some al fresco fun with the family. But sometimes, there’s a reason to make a picnic a bit more of a special occasion.

In that case, you simply can’t beat a traditional wicker hamper, with all the essentials strapped in there.

Debenhams has a fine white wicker hamper, lined with vintage-style rose fabric, which has been reduced from £90 to £45. It’s packed with creamy-coloured crockery and cutlery, as well as glasses.

To dress the part for a posh picnic, the department store also stocks this black digital floral dress from Star by Julian Macdonald, which has just the right relaxed-chic feel. There’s 20 per cent off now, so at £44 it’s a bargain to boot. Team with Jitterbug sandals featuring heart and flower detailing, from the Head Over Heels range by Dune (at Debenhams), at £29, and you will have the coolest combination.

Just in case you have a spare £140, don some designer sunglasses. These are by Oakley, from Vision Express — other models available from £100.

Now watch out for that sun making an appearance.