OU may think of Bury Market as the perfect place to buy fruit and vegetables, clothes and other essentials and treats.

But now, thanks to an enterprising young man, it’s also the place for finding the best mobility and living aids at great prices.

Nathan O’Neill, who is just 24, saw a gap in the market and launched his company Nifty Living Aids.

Earlier this year, the ex-lifeguard had struggled to find a job, which is when he decided to start his own business instead.

With the help of his family he researched what type of business would be best, and came to the decision to sell mobility and living aids.

“I decided this, firstly, because these products seemed to be the only type that the supermarkets don’t sell in a big way due to the specialist nature of the products,” said Nathan.

“Secondly, the sector is expected to grow for the foreseeable future.

“There are potentially over 4.3 million mobility aids users in the UK and as the population increases, the use of mobility aids will also increase. Thirdly, the mobility industry has had quite a bit of bad reputation in the past due to some unscrupulous companies, engaging in unfair sales practices such as high pressure and misleading sales practices.”

Nathan set out to prove that not all mobility aids firms are like that. Nifty Living Aids staff will always treat customers with respect and aim to provide great customer service.

All staff are also Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked and Nifty Living Aids is a member of NAEP (National Association Equipment Providers). Nifty Living Aids sells a great range of mobility and living aids, such as rollators, tri-walkers, wheelchairs, walking sticks, bathroom and toilet aids, kitchen and dining aids, scooters and wheelchairs accessories, support cushions and much, much more. With no prior experience, Nathan jumped in with both feet and has been on a steep learning curve.

He is now finding out which products are best suited to Bury Market shoppers and is trying to spread the word about his stall.

“We have fantastic suppliers giving us access to thousands of products, at the best prices,” said Nathan. “We can deliver most things anywhere in the country, we can offer free local delivery and regular special offers are also available.”