IS it a game? Is it a storage box? Well, it's both. This Valentine's Heart and Kisses box lets you play noughts (hearts) and crosses with the one you love, and stores jewellery inside. Buy it from for 40 and have initials engraved on the lid and even an engraved message inside.

That's a gift sorted, but what about the day itself, and good old Saint Valentinus? Do you know his fate, or where the biggest box of Valentine's Day chocolates was made, and all those important facts? If not — read on.

Poor old Saint Valentinus was in fact executed on February 14, 270 AD by the Roman Emperor Claudius II, because he secretly helped soldiers to get married, and the emperor thought that soldiers with wives did not fight very well...

But the saint's fate doesn't stop us from sending one billion Valentine's cards around the world every year, and teachers get more cards than anybody else.

Presents are important, too, with most men spending twice as much as women, and of those buying flowers, 73 per cent are men, 27 per cent are women.

More shockingly, in America 15 per cent of women who receive flowers actually sent those to themselves.

Meanwhile, in the Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet lived, more than 1,000 Valentine’s cards are sent to Juliet every year.

But when it comes to chocolate, nobody beats Britain... the biggest box of chocolates ever was made here in April, 2008. It weighed 1,690 kilos and had more than 220,000 chocolates inside it.

In Japan, they do things differently. On February 14, women give presents – usually chocolate – to men. A month later, on March 14, called White Day, men do the same, normally giving white chocolate.

And finally, don’t forget your dogs and cats. A growing army of people prefer to send a Valentine's card to their pet than a person...