Monday Alarms goes off at 3.45am! Jon usually arrives at the studio first – around 4.45am and Vix follows at 5am. They spend the next 45 minutes discussing with producer Simon topical news and what happened over the weekend.

Vix prepares travel bulletins and questions for Bolton and Bury’s Biggest Brain. During this time, Jon and producer Simon are preparing the running order for the show.

The show is planned so Jon and Vix know what they will be talking about and when, but this is flexible and often changes during the show!

At 5.45am, Vix starts working on social media activity – updating the weather and local info on Twitter and Facebook feeds. The show starts at 6am and Andy News reads his first news bulletin. Then it’s eyes down for four solid hours with flasks of coffee in the studio as there is no time to run upstairs and make a brew!

A quick three-minute toilet break is about all they get for four hours. After 10am on a Monday, Jon, Vix and Simon chat about the show and discuss possible talking points for tomorrow.

The website is updated with the Listen Again Best of Breakfast podcast and other info and they head home around 11am.

Jon has a half-hour session on his Wii Fit, followed by a quick shower and then a nap! In the afternoon, he spends time online looking at news and info to see if there’s anything worth talking about the next day before going to bed around 9.30pm. Vix heads home, does housework and has a nap before the school run.

Tuesday Jon arrives around 5.15am. After the show on a Tuesday, Jon and Vix meet with producer Simon to discuss the show and have a 30-minute Online Content meeting — they discuss what they can put on their website and what videos and content they should put online.

At 11am on a Tuesday, Jon and Vix have their weekly coaching session with the head of programming. They all listen to a random hour of the show, discussing what they felt went well and what could be improve on. They head home around 1pm, and it’s straight to bed for a sleep before Jon — who is in charge of music for the station — works from home. Twice a week he plans what songs will be played, creating “music logs” so presenters know what songs they should play and when. The station’s music is carefully researched and listeners are also asked what songs they like to hear.

Vix spends Tuesday afternoon working from home before heading off to her allotment to unwind and spend some time outdoors.

Wednesday After Wednesday’s show, Jon and Vix have a work-free day and the duo go into town for a well-earned coffee and cake.

Vix then heads to the garden centre, followed by a quiet night in with her daughter. Jon squeezes in some studying as he’s in the middle of a part-time Law degree, then heads to the theatre, cinema or out for a few drinks.

Thursday Thursday is meetings day — Jon and Vix have a Breakfast Brainstorm meeting at 11am with producer Simon and other breakfast show presenters who work for Tower FM’s sister stations. Each week they get together and share ideas.

After this it’s straight into a full station operations meeting to find out what every other department – from promotions to news – within the radio station are up to. After leaving at 2pm, Jon has a quick nap before preparing the next day’s show. For Vix, it’s the school run. Thursday is Jon’s early night – 8pm in bed, while Vix enjoys a takeaway and glass of wine with her husband.

Friday The best day of the week – Jon & Vix both arrive a bit later, both usually in the studio for 5.15am. After the show they go for an early lunch before heading home.

Jon has his second stint of music programming on a Friday afternoon, whilst Vix goes home to think about Monday’s show and work on ideas for the following week.

Jon also runs an events company and can be out at events in the area on Friday and Saturday nights, and he also hosts the Saturday Breakfast Show on Tower FM.

Vix, meanwhile, has the entire weekend off and spends it with her family!