SINGING legend Kiki Dee is looking forward to returning to a venue in Bury which she describes as a favourite.

One of the UK's finest and most revered vocalists, she will appear at The Met with guitarist Carmelo Luggeri next month, with their An Acoustic Journey tour.

The 67-year-old, real name Pauline Matthews, said: “It’s one of my favourite venues.

“The audience, we always do pretty well there.

“Some venues have just got it and that’s one, for me, that just does.”

Their visit to The Met, on Thursday, November 6, will see Kiki and Carmelo present an acoustic journey of stories and songs, including covers and Kiki's own hits, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, I Got The Music In Me and Amoureuse.

She said: “It’s like a musical journey, we go all over the place — Kiki hits, covers of Kate Bush and Frank Sinatra to lots of original material.

“We weave it all together and take people on a bit of a journey.

“It’s been going great.

“We’ve put some new things in the show, it’s developing all the time.

“It’s basically the same line-up, the two of us.

“Quite often when people come to see us, they don’t know what to expect.

“Most vintage singers when you go to see them you do already know what you are going to get.”

They recently played a gig in Worcestershire which was attended by Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant.

Kiki, a teenager when she was signed to Fontana Records in 1963, said: “It was really encouraging, he really got it.

“We hung out until 2am, drinking red wine and eating carrot cake.

“I don’t really know him, I’ve not seen him for years and years.

“He is so forward thinking. He moves on all the time, trying new things out.”

Next year will see Kiki embark on an entirely new journey, playing to up to 4,000 holidaymakers on a P&O cruise ship.

She said: “They want to make a Ronnie Scott’s type venue on board so I think I will be on the ocean next year.

“They want to make a music room rather than a cabaret room and I think that’s an interesting idea.
“It’s nice to know I’m going to busy.

“I’ll probably do some writing on the cruise, there should be quite a bit of time.

“We will be performing in the evenings.

“I’m fascinated to know what I’m going to think about it.”

A record company stable mate of Elton John on Rocket Records, and now a long-time friend of the singer, the pair teamed up in 1976 for their hit duet Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

She said: “I’ve travelled all over the place, with Elton in the ‘70s, but the truth of it is, when I’m working, I don’t really see anything.

“I put so much energy into what I am doing, making sure I’m fresh.

“I have to focus on those two hours, that’s the reason I’m there.

“Maybe when I retire.”

Speaking of retiring, does she have any plans to hang up her microphone?

Kiki said: “I have absolutely no idea. I don’t think too far ahead anymore, it’s too scary.

“I’m taking it as it comes. As long as I can go on stage and hopefully people come out to see us.”

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri: An Acoustic Journey will be at The Met, Bury, on Thursday, November 6 — phone 0161 761 2216.