ALWAYS ready to rock the house, '60s soul sensation Geno Washington promises "party time" when he swings into Bury next week.

With cult status on the soul, R&B, blues and Northern Soul scenes, the 70-year-old will return to The Met, on Friday, November 7.

Geno said: "It will be a lot of fun, I'm looking forward to it, me and the band.

"We're going to come up and rock the house. Come up and have fun with people, entertain them, we entertain the crowds.

"When you go on stage, you are supposed to entertain the people and give them a good night so they can forget their troubles.

"I love it, to me, it's like going to a party. Party time with Geno."

Born in Indiana, Geno was stationed in England with the United States Air Force during the early 1960s when he started dabbling in music.

In 1965, guitarist Pete Gage saw him at a nightclub and asked him to join his new group, which went on to become Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band.

The group had two of the biggest-selling UK albums of the 1960s — including Hand Clappin' Foot Stompin' Funky-Butt ... Live!

Geno said: "It all happened by accident.

"I never in a million years ever dreamed or thought about being an entertainer or singer.

"I was an athlete when I was in the American Air Force, in track and field.

"It just happened by accident, me being in showbusiness."

His support acts were the likes of Alexis Corner, Georgie Fame, The Small Faces and Jimi Hendrix, as Geno made a name for himself on the London music scene.

It was at a club in the capital that he met his future wife Frenchie, his partner of 45 years.

He said: "I met her in a club in London, The Bag O'Nails.

"This is the same place where Paul McCartney met his wife, Linda."

It was also where Frenchie's sister met Peter Noone, from Herman's Hermits, making him Geno's brother-in-law.

Geno, who also sings with his band the Yo Yos, said: "We meet up when we can. He is living out in LA.

"When he is over in England to do his tours, we hang out and go see the shows and have a lot of fun.

"He's a good brother-in-law."

When he is not electrifying audiences on stage, Geno's other passion is self-hypnosis which he says has helped change his life, helping balance mind, body and soul.

He said: "That's a great love of mine, how the mind works.

"That's very powerful.

"I was in LA when I was studying, getting my degree and I came back to the UK.

"I started doing hypnosis shows up and down the UK.

"I would do half hypnosis, have a 20 minute break then I would come on with the Ram Jam Band.

"The house was rocking.

"It was a great show.

"I do a lot of meditation. That's got the benefit of self-hypnosis.

"It keeps you on your toes to keep healthy."

Geno Washington will be at The Met, Bury, on Friday, November 7, at 8pm. Phone 0161 761 2216 or visit for tickets.