AFTER years of trying every fad diet going, DJ Chelsea Norris is healthier and happier than ever before.

The voice of Manchester's breakfast radio for 10 years, she is also now the body of a fat loss plan.

Along with her personal trainer fiancé, Benjamin Postma Tonge, the Key 103 DJ will be at the Village Hotel, Bury, on Wednesday, June 24.

They have previously hosted seminars in their hometown of Stockport but are branching out to share their programme — a complete nutritional re-education which promises to melt fat and keep it off.

Having spent years being unhappy with her weight — even reduced to tears by cruel comments posted on photographs online — Chelsea is three stone lighter and teaching others how to shift fat.

The 34-year-old said: "We started nearer to home.

"We were really blown away by the reaction.

"We sold out both nights, 120 women — and gentlemen as well."

She admits having tried all the "crazy diets" — from soup to the cayenne pepper diet — but swears by her new paleo way of eating which involves high protein, no processed food or bad carbohydrates.

She said: "Everything through to Weight Watchers and Slimming World, I had done them all.

"We don't knock those diets, there's nothing wrong with them. They give people who don't have any control, control and something to work towards.

"But generally those kinds of diets you only do for a certain amount of time, you stop and put the weight back on.

"Yo-yo dieting plays absolute havoc with your metabolism.

"It's just about retraining your brain to think a certain way.

"We teach you about the plan, foods that are in and out and why they are in and out and how it works.

"We teach you what alcohol does to your body."

The programme has been devised by 28-year-old Ben, beginning with a two-week detox which works on the body in a way Chelsea likens to resetting a computer, before introducing more foods.

Chelsea, who couples the plan with a high-intensity exercise programme, said: "It's not a diet because a diet has an end point. It becomes a way of life.

"I feel better in myself and healthier.

"While I'm not exactly where I want to be, I'm a lot nearer than I was and a lot happier."

She used to suffer with polycystic ovary syndrome, thought to be related to abnormal hormone levels, and irritable bowel syndrome, with both conditions having now cleared up.

The plan is even safe for women during pregnancy and is followed by Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley, who gave birth to a baby boy in April.

Chelsea said: "Cath Tyldesley from Corrie follows the plan.

"She looked absolutely amazing through her whole pregnancy."

As well as planning to host more seminars across the region, Chelsea also runs The White Wedding Company which she set up in 2010 after enjoying arranging her own nuptials in Italy to her now ex-husband.

Following the breakdown of her marriage, the business was put on hold but the successful events planner is now back overseeing the big days of three happy couples tying the knot this year.

It does mean that there is no time, at the moment, to arrange a wedding of her own to her partner of almost two years.

Chelsea said: "Ben proposed on Christmas Day.

"We haven't set a date. Life is pretty busy."

Last month, Chelsea celebrated the impressive achievement of 10 years on Key 103 with co-host Mike Toolan.

The pair have spent a decade getting up at 4.30am to entertain listeners with Chelsea's most memorable moments including meeting her idol Sylvester Stallone and getting thrown out of a Jude Law interview in London for asking about his then-girlfriend Sienna Miller.

She said: "It's gone really fast.

"Mike and I are both divorced and we joke we are each other's longest relationship.

"It's an achievement, it's a great job to have and we still love it."

The Body Performance Training — Summer Body — seminar will be at the Village Hotel Bury, Waterfold Business Park, Rochdale Road, from 7pm until 9pm, on Wednesday, June 24.

Tickets cost £13 plus booking fee, visit