LOCK up your wives, girlfriends, valuables and fried chicken, comedian Lee Nelson is coming to town.

The star of BBC Three’s breakout hit comedy series Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show will be at The Lowry, Salford Quays, on Sunday.

This new show sees the irrepressible South London lad host a jam-packed night of entertainment, presenting his take on the world, with special guest appearances from alter egos, Premier League footballer Jason Bent and bungling medic Dr Bob.

Lee, the comedy creation of Simon Brodkin, said his new found fame means he is getting recognised more and more.

The cap-wearing character said: “All the time. The boys give me a fist bump, the girls give me a snog. And everyone gives me a ‘qualiteeee’.

“It’s brilliant. The only down side is being photographed all the time. Like last week, when I was minding my own business doing 60 in a 30.”

The 31-date national stand-up tour follows the success of two critically acclaimed sell-out shows, Lee Nelson’s Well Good Tour and Lee Nelson Live.

Lee said: “The audience love it. I talk to them, they talk to me. I take the mick out of them, they take the mick out of me.

“The best thing is meeting the fans after the show.”

Although enjoying being on the road, Lee admits he is missing his dogs Benson and Hedges back home in the capital.

He said: “London’s got the best of everything. Best nightlife, best bars, best clubs. Even our transport’s the best — London must have the greatest rail replacement bus service in the world. The worst thing is the crime which, to be fair, I ain’t helping with.”

Swapping comedy for politics, there were rumours Lee was planning to run for MP in South Shields after David Miliband stepped down from the position.

He said: “That’s true I was going to be an MP with my political party Lee Nelson’s Well Good Party!

“But I had to stand down coz I had a TV show on the BBC at the same and apparently that ain’t allowed.

“I was gutted, I had big plans for that town, I was gonna put South Shields on the map — I had a look and I couldn’t find it anywhere! I will be back though for sure. Lee Nelson for Prime Minister.”

n Lee Nelson will be at The Lowry on Sunday.