WHEN two women got together to form Midlife Crisis Theatre Company they had no idea how long that crisis would last!

Former professional actresses Gill Cooper and Fran Horwich, both from Prestwich, had given up the theatrical life to bring up their children and start new careers.

They had not stepped onto a stage in many years but after chatting over dinner one evening they realised that they missed the smell of the greasepaint.

Midlife Crisis was formed fourteen years ago when the women got a cast of friends together and put on The Odd Couple, Female Version, by Neil Simon. The play, performed at Whitefield Garrick Theatre, sold out and was hugely successful.

The cast could not wait to repeat their success — but they had to. It took another thirteen years before they were able to get back together to perform again.

The women have been busy recently rehearsing for their latest play, Pete Quilter’s Curtain Up! which features five women who inherit a dilapidated theatre and attempt to bring it back to life. They invite a superstar to perform in a fundraiser for them, but will she oblige?

Fran Horwich directs a cast which comprises of Gill Cooper, Katherine Thomas Wilson, Lindsey Landes, Barbra Cousins and Deborah Loofe, the only member of the company too young for a midlife crisis.

The show is being performed at 53Two, just behind the Hilton Hotel, Manchester.

It opens on Sunday and runs until Thursday May 11th.

For tickets call 07939058609.