ONE of the great things about The Met is that musicians and comedians who would usually play at much larger venues use it as a warm up venue because of its excellent reputation.

So it is with award winning activist and comedian Mark Thomas who will be making a pre-tour appearance on Monday, January 11.

Mark has become one of Britain’s most acclaimed comics as well as one of Britain’s most recognised and influential activists.

After 23 years of performing, six series of the Mark Thomas Product and Mark Thomas Comedy Product with Channel 4, numerous documentaries, two books published by Ebury Press, radio programmes, changing the law on tax, secretly filming torturers, stinging arms dealers with school children, exposing abuses of civil liberties and corporate skulduggery, writing for the New Statesman and the Guardian, Mark has finally conceded that he might have a career yet.

Mark creates a manifesto — a policy paddle to help steer our way out of the proverbial creek.

Every audience gets to vote on the policies they like, Mark road tests them and then sets off to make them happen. It’s somewhere between Jim’ll Fix It for anarchists and White Collar Crimewatch, with a passing nod at Bill Drummond, the Fluxus art movement and Anneka Rice.

So far, policies voted through include introducing a national maximum wage, getting the Government to give everyone the day off on their birthday, legalising homosexual marriage and getting the church to shut up about it, a three-day weekend, land instead of the dole, IRA honour guard for Thatcher's funeral, no new blasphemy legislation and the introduction of the prohibition of deception law, making it illegal for MPs to knowingly lie.

He is also the Guinness World Record holder for the most number of demonstrations held in 24 hours.

Tickets cost £15 and the show starts at 8pm. To book ring 0161 761 2216 or visit