THE Met, in Bury, is set to welcome back Horse + Bamboo Theatre Company with its beautiful new show Little Leap Forward on Friday, June 18.

The show explores the question, "Wouldn't you rather be free, just for a day, than spend a lifetime in a cage?"

Set in Beijing, capital of China, in the summer of 1966, the Cultural Revolution is impacting every aspect of life.

We see it through the eyes of Guo Yue, an eight year old boy who plays with his friends, runs errands for his family, flies kites, and plays the flute, desperately hoping that the bird he keeps in a cage will accompany him.

Through hard lessons, Yue learns that the bird can only sing when it is free.

Little Leap Forward is a thought provoking and visually stunning play about freedom and creativity, that has both charm and universal appeal in equal measure.

Created by Horse + Bamboo Theatre, last seen at The Met with In the Shadow of Trees and Deep Time Cabaret, the story incorporates mask, puppetry, animation and original music.

The recorded music also includes the distinctive playing of Guo Yue, now an internationally renowned flautist.

Little Leap Forward is based on the celebrated book of the same name, co-written by Guo Yue and Clare Farrow published last year.

The show starts at 7pm. Tickets cost £10, or £6 for concessions, and are available from or by ringing 0161 761 2216.