TO the rear of the car park, go through the gate to the right of the children’s playground.

Follow the woodland path meandering downhill (ignore the path forking right) and the path passes an info board then swings right to cross a footbridge on the left hand side. The bridge crosses over the Quarlton Brook.

Turn right after crossing the bridge and climb the stony track uphill for a pleasant view of Quarlton Vale below. The reservoir was part of the mill complex. Follow the path ahead and pass through two gates alongside cottages. This section is thought to be part of the Roman Road between Manchester and Ribchester. The path then bears right to descend through a large field heading towards a large mill chimney, another remnant of the old bleach works.

In the bottom corner of the field join a stony track straight ahead and descend a set of steep steps to modern houses built on the site of the former Quarlton Vale works.

Turn right at the bottom of the steps then left along the drive as far as the cobbled road on the left signed as a footpath. Follow the cobbled road as it bends right then continue with Birches Road cottages on the left.

When it bends right continue straight ahead through a gateway. The track crosses an old bridge over the Bradshaw Brook. Turn left along the adjoining lane leading to another cul-de-sac built on the site of an old mill.

Immediately after crossing over Bradshaw Brook again turn right and join the riverside path, keeping the river on the right and heading downstream towards Jumbles. Follow the brook for about half a mile until the bridge over the reservoir inlet.

Cross the bridge and on the far side turn left and follow the shoreline path to the little Horrobin Fold car park.

Leave Jumbles here by following the cobbled road (Horrobin Lane) out of the car park to meet the B6391 road.

Turn right and cross the road with care. Follow the pavement to the entrance to Turton Tower.

Turn left up the drive passing the Tower on the right.

The drive crosses the castellated bridge over the Bolton-Blackburn railway. Continue straight ahead up the farm drive and follow it to the right as the view opens out to the Bradshaw Valley.

Approximately 400 metres after turning right you should reach a crossroads of waymarked paths.

Turn right here through the gate in the wall and follow the grassy path down to the level crossing where houses have now been built on the site of the old Turton Station.

Cross the railway and continue straight ahead along the cobbled lane. When it soon forks into two, keep left and the track emerges in Chapeltown village by the side of the Chetham Arms. You are now back on the B6391 road.

Cross over and turn left following the road for about quarter of a mile until a signed footpath along a drive is reached on the right. Follow this and it leads down to the dam of Wayoh Reservoir.

Go across the dam and turn right. Turn left when the railings end to climb the rough steps for a spectacular view above the dam and across Wayoh looking west to Winter Hill.

On the top of the hill overlooking Wayoh, numerous paths lead off across the field sloping uphill. Facing the field take the right path which climbs briefly uphill, crosses two stiles and leads to (Harbour Lane).

Turn right along this, then left along the main road to reach the Barlow Institute on the right hand side.

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