THIS walk through pastures and woodlands along the River Ribble explores the rural hamlet of Dinckley and a section of Roman road running west to east from Ribchester to Yorkshire along the edge of Pendle Hill.

The highlight is a beautiful rocky stretch of the Ribble Valley through Marles Wood that leads to the graceful 1950’s suspension bridge that replaced the little ferry boat which traditionally operated here linking Dinckley with the Hurst Green side of the river.

Cobbles at the car park entrance mark the line of the Roman Road that linked forts at Ribchester with Elslack on the Pennines.

However, the walk starts at the rear of the car park, going down steps into woodland overlooking a delightful stretch of the river, where a wide basin is formed.

This is traditionally known as Sale Wheel, a popular picnic spot for Blackburnians in times past. Bearing right, follow the main path through the woodland with the river on the left.

The path can be muddy and slippery in wet weather. Eventually, the path leaves the woodland and goes through a gate into a broad riverside pasture.

Just keep going straight ahead alongside the river until the suspension bridge is reached on the left. The bridge and nearby Dinckley Hall were sketched by Alfred Wainwright in his ‘A Ribble Sketchbook’.

Do not cross the bridge, but continue straight ahead along the path signed for Dinckley.

This crosses a small stream and a stile and comes out at the end of the drive facing Dinckley Hall. Turn right and follow the drive uphill for the next ½ mile until a lane is reached on the left.

Turn left and follow this lane. As it straightens out beyond Moorgate Farm you find yourself on a driveway that follows the line of the Roman Road.

When farm buildings are reached on the right, turn left up an adjoining farm road.

This crosses a cattle grid and heads towards another farm directly ahead. Just before this farm is reached, turn left by crossing a stile in the hedge, which is hard to spot at first.

Walk along the right field edge from the stile to cross another stile/gate and continue in the same direction now with the hedge of the next field on your immediate left.

At the next field corner by the house, turn right in the same field and follow the left field edge until a waymarked stile/gate is reached on the left.

Enter the next field here and continue directly ahead now with the hedge on the left.

Follow the field edge almost to the other side of the field until another stile is reached on the left hidden in trees.

Cross this and continue straight ahead through the next pasture until a gate/stile are reached in the right field corner.

Cross the stile and turn right down the driveway to retrace your steps to Dinckley Hall. Turn left at the end of the drive to retrace your steps to the suspension bridge.

Now just keep the river on the right to retrace your steps through the pasture and woodland back to the car park.

If you wish for a longer walk you can cross the River Ribble at the bridge and follow a farm road up to the village of Hurst Green — with its pubs and Stonyhurst College — approximately one mile away.