IN fields at Brindle Moss the Lancashire Martyr, Saint Edmund Arrowsmith, was captured in 1628. He was a Jesuit priest conducting outlawed masses in the staunchly Catholic secret houses in the rolling hill country between Blackburn and Preston.

This walk passes the last cottage he preached at in the village of Gregson Lane before he was captured by soldiers in nearby pastures. He was executed at Lancaster Castle.

The walk offers good views across West Lancashire and passes by Hoghton churchyard where several of the De Hoghton family are buried.

1. From the Boar’s Head walk down the lane to the left of the inn, Gib Lane, signed for Salmesbury. Follow the lane for about half a mile under the railway and past houses until Cripple Gate Lane, a signed bridleway, is reached on the left.

Turn left along this green lane which soon passes farmhouses on the right and then continues straight ahead zigzagging its way between fields until it eventually meets Quaker Brook Lane.

2. Turn left along this lane, crossing the brook and continuing gradually uphill to meet the busy A675 road. Turn left along the main road for only a few metres then cross it with care to join a signed footpath on the opposite side which begins at a cottage.

The path crosses a stream and passes in front of Brindle Lodge before joining the driveway. Turn right and follow the driveway almost to its entrance gates.

3. Just before the entrance lodge, when the driveway bears right, turn left across the field which leads downhill to a footbridge in a little wooded valley. Cross the bridge, climb steps and follow the field edge path leading to the houses of Gregson Lane village.

The path leads between the houses and a playing field and passes Arrowsmith House on the left. A plaque on the cottage records that this was the house where Edmund Arrowsmith said his last mass before being captured.

4. Turn left up the main village street then cross over and turn right up Bourne’s Row. This street passes a school on the right and reaches a factory. Just before the factory entrance turn left along the path alongside the factory and cross the railway with care at a level crossing.

Go straight ahead uphill through the hamlet of Jack Green. At the next junction bear left to another lane junction. Turn right here along Gowan’s Lane and it starts to climb gradually, then bears right to climb more steeply to another lane junction. There are good views from here back to Preston.

5. Turn left along the adjoining lane and it soon swings sharp right uphill. It passes a woodland and small quarry on the left. When the lane turns sharp right at cottages leave it on the left along a signed footpath beginning at a stile.

Keep to the left field edge heading back towards Hoghton church on the left. It was in fields over to the right that Edmund Arrowsmith was captured.

You can cut through the church gate to explore the churchyard.

At the main A675 road turn left and follow the pavement downhill crossing over with care to pass the entrance to Hoghton Tower and return to the Boar’s Head.