THIS is a classic and popular walk along the valley of the River Kent where it meanders through the lovely medieval deer park around Levens Hall. It also goes beyond the park to follow a section of the disused Lancaster Canal in the village of Sedgwick.

With no pub and no church, Sedgwick forms the smallest parish in the old county of Westmorland. For a little village there is lots of interest here.

The Lancaster Canal is carried over the village lane via an unusual aqueduct built at a skewed angle and designed by the renowned canal engineer, John Rennie.

The walk also passes Wakefield House, a Victorian mansion which was the home of the Wakefield family, notable Kendal Quakers, who established gunpowder works in the coppice woodland on the banks of the nearby fast-flowing River Kent.

The often impressive Force Falls flow under the modern A road and the riverside path leads back to the timeless deer park to Levens Hall, famous for its topiary and the historic home of the Bagot family.

1. From the layby on the north side of the river walk back down to the A6 road bridge over the River Kent and stay on the left hand side opposite the entrance to Levens Hall.

Cross the river and join the footpath leading into the park on the left on the far side of the bridge. Follow the track straight ahead with the river down to the left. Keep to the main track for about a mile. It becomes a lovely tree-lined avenue and leads to gates on the opposite side of the park. Go through the gate to join a road.

2. Turn left along the road and you cross the A591. Almost immediately on the far side of the road bridge turn right up a stepped bank, waymarked as the canal trail by a wooden post, and join the line of the Lancaster Canal.

Turn left and follow the line of the old towpath - there is no water in the canal here!

Cross a path junction by an old bridge and continue straight ahead along the towpath until you reach the information board on the canal aqueduct overlooking the village of Sedgwick. Drop down the steep steps on the left hand side of the bridge over the lane and join the lane below. Turn right and follow the main lane through the village passing Sedgwick House on the left hand side.

3. Soon you come to a t-junction by the river. Turn left here and follow the lane for a quarter of a mile to cross a bridge over the river on the right. The bridge is a good place to view Force Falls which can be very impressive after heavy rain.

Turn left on the far side of the bridge and continue downstream now with the falls on your left. The track runs under the busy A591 and continues straight ahead to a cottage at Park Head. Join the waymarked path on the left by the cottage and re-enter Levens Park.

4. Continue straight ahead across a field and enter the parkland. The track soon drops downhill and heads towards the river.

Keep to the main waymarked path for about half a mile and you will reach a gate leading to the A6 at Levens Hall.

If visiting the hall/cafe take care crossing the busy A6. Turn right along the A6 to return to the roadside layby.