TWO "challenging" and "innovative" 3D sculptures will be erected in the entrance to Bury Library, if planning permission is approved.

Under the proposals, the sculptures will be in place for 12 months within the alcoves each side of the main entrance of the library, in Moss Street.

The applicant, Bury Art Museum, says the sculptures are in celebration of the Asia Triennial programme, a showcase of artwork from South Asia that will be held in venues across Manchester.

Bury Art Museum will play host to the work of London-based artists Hsiao-Chi Tsai and Kimiya Yoshikawa, from September 6 to November 29.

During the consultation period, which has now expired, five people formally objected to the council against the plans, with no formal submissions of support being received.

A planning report stated: “The artwork design is innovative, and in terms of the Victorian character of the building’s facades, it is challenging and a significant departure from traditional designs and late 19th century concepts. It will be in a prominent location.

“The two matching sculptures are to sit within the alcoves to each side of the main entrance doors.

“They are to be free flowing and organic 3D structures with a main powder-coated aluminium frame, attached to which are lightweight floral elements, all in a range of bright colours.”

The controversial sculpture centre, based in the library, opened in May and is now playing host to a number of different exhibitions.

The council is expected to make a decision by August 25.