THERE are smiles all round at an after school club after winning its appeal against a disappointing Ofsted rating.

Inspectors who visited Jay Jay’s Out of School Club last month found standards were good, bordering on outstanding.

This was the second Ofsted inspection the club, based at Lowercroft Primary School in Bury, has undergone this year.

A representative from the Government’s education watchdog initially visited Jay Jay’s in January, publishing a report which rated the club as needing improvement, and not meeting legal requirements.

But management at the club immediately challenged the decision on the grounds it did not reflect operations at Jay Jay’s, the evidence available to the inspector at the time, or the abilities of staff.

After a review, Ofsted upheld the appeal, removing the inaccurate report from its website and scheduling a new inspection.

The appeal summary sent to the club by Ofsted stated: “In this case we have concluded that the evidence base was not secure, and so you will have a new visit.

“I apologise that the standard of work in this case did not meet our high expectations of inspectors.”

Staff at Jay Jay's were delighted when the second inspection judged that the facilities meet children’s needs, youngsters’ wellbeing and leadership were good – with the club meeting legal requirements.

Manager Janet Hallows said: “I am pleased with the latest inspection result and would like to thank my staff, school and parents for their ongoing support.

“I would also like to say that Ofsted dealt with the appeal in a very professional, expedient manner.”

After inspector Linda McLarty visited on March 9, she praised staff for planning activities based on curriculum themes and leaders for accurately assessing the club’s strengths and weaknesses.

Her report added: “There are high numbers of well-qualified staff, meaning children are supported well in the interesting activities provided in the many areas of this spacious club.

“Managers and staff take the views of children and parents into account well when planning activities.

“They regularly check that what they offer continues to meet children’s needs and interests, and children are happy and secure in their care.”

Staff at Jay Jay’s, which was registered in 1997, was also praised for children’s good behaviour and for protecting youngsters by ensuring concerns are identified and reported.

To be judged outstanding next time, the club was told to re-organise routines so that they do not limit children’s choices, and clarify its action plan so workers can more easily track their progress.