A NEW bar can be built at a Ramsbottom restaurant — but neighbours have been told that its use will be monitored.

Paulo Octavian, who runs the Venetian Hideaway restaurant in Market Place, asked Bury Council if he could change the use of a first-floor flat so it can become a bar and replace a conservatory with a new one.

His idea was to give customers somewhere to relax with a drink while their table is prepared.

Twelve people formally objected, including Julienne Salem, who owns and runs 14-apartment Adderstone Mansions opposite the restaurant.

At a meeting of Bury planning committee on Tuesday night, she said: "We believe the proposals to be suspiciously extravagant if it going to be used solely as described.

"We believe consideration should be given to protecting neighbours as noise pollution is a significant concern.

"Until 10pm there will be customers out on the balcony with the noise that comes with it.

"Allowing customers outside on the first floor also challenges privacy issues as they can see into neighbours' homes."

A report to the committee said the current conservatory harms the character of the building and the new one will improve the appearance of it.

Cllr Sharon Briggs said: "Judging from our site visit, the conservatory is very old and, if it isn't replaced, it might fall down very shortly.”

The committee granted permission after its members were advised that very few of the issues the objectors raised fell under the remit of the committee.

However, the council's development control manager Dave Marno said the town-hall's licensing department would act on any complaints about excessive noise and about the balcony area being used after 10pm.

After the meeting, Mr Octavian said: "We want to make use of this space to make our customers feel even more welcome.

"The restaurant has a good reputation and we get good feedback from our customers. Adding a waiting area will improve that.

"We are more than happy to restrict the use of the balcony area to 10pm and ensure that our neighbours are not disrupted by this development, which will improve the area as the new conservatory will look much better."