A VET has voiced his concern following a string of suspected dog poisonings in Ramsbottom.

Dan Jones, from Bonham Veterinary Centre, in Central Street, Ramsbottom, has seen three cases of poisonings in the animals in the past six weeks.

The fully qualified vet said it is the most he has ever dealt with in his four-year career and believes they all have one common factor – that all dogs had visited Nuttall Park before falling ill.

Dr Jones said: “We’ve seen three suspected dog poisonings and had reports of two others.

“We see these dogs coming in with tremors and having seizures.

“All of the dogs have been in Nuttall Park and some owners have said they’ve seen their dog eat cheese.

“I haven’t seen a deliberate poisoning case in my four years of practicing. I’ve seen poisoning cases when a dog accidentally ate something but these cases are the first when the cause is unknown.

“It’s very concerning to see this especially when you are not sure which way they will go – if these dogs can survive the poisoning or not.”

Ramsbottom residents have been posting their concerns of cheese laced with rat poison dotted around Nuttall Park, on Facebook.

Ramsbottom Cllr Luise Fitzwalter said: “These allegations need to be dealt with and taken very seriously.

“It’s a massive problem for children. If anyone’s child was to put poison in their mouth you don’t know how they could react.

“I think it needs investigating. It’s a very serious matter if someone is doing this we need to be aware.”

Police have confirmed they are aware of the issue although have had no direct reports of dogs being poisoned.

If anyone has witnessed anything suspicious or that their dog may have been poisoned, they are being asked to call police on 101.