A SCHOOL in Prestwich and a college in Bury have challenged the accuracy of figures claiming to represent staff pay.

The Taxpayers' Alliance, which campaigns for an efficient use of public funds, last week released figures which listed UK universities, colleges and schools that allegedly paid staff more than £100,000 in the 2013/14 tax year.

The data claims that one member of staff from each of Bury College and Holy Cross College, St Monica's RC High School in Prestwich and Woodhey High School in Ramsbottom, received somewhere between £100,000 and £149,999 in remuneration.

St Monica's and Holy Cross claim the figures are not accurate, though the Taxpayers' Alliance insists they are, as the data was provided by the places of learning when they responded to Freedom of Information requests.

Those responses have been seen by the Bury Times.

A St Monica's spokesman said: "This information is incorrect.

"No one at St Monica's was paid a salary over £100,000 in the 2013/14 tax year and this remains the case."

However, the spokesman did not clarify whether it was possible that other remuneration, such as pension contributions, could explain the figures.

There was a similar response from Holy Cross, whose principal David Frost said: "As no member of our staff is infact paid a salary of over £100,000, it is difficult to comment on what must either be inaccurate information or a misinterpretation of accounting information.

"Perhaps those who have sent the data have misread annual accounts and based their figures on the costs to colleges of employees, rather than what employees were actually paid.”

A Bury College spokesman said one member of staff was paid over £100,000 and another was paid just over £150,000.

He added: "Bury College is a £34 million business with more than 7,000 students.

"In the last four years, the college has been one of the highest financially performing colleges in the country securing more than £12 million in surpluses, which has been reinvested to future-proof the college and ensure that the needs of students and employers are met.

"The corporation is well aware that they have a responsibility to dispense public money appropriately in line with stringent financial regulations."

Woodhey High School headteacher Brian Roadnight said that, while the information was correct in 2013/14, it is not the case now.

He said: "No member of staff here earns a salary of over £100 000 or indeed anywhere near this salary.

"All staff are paid on a pay range specific to their role.

"The highest range is that of headteacher and even the top of that range is well below £100,000.

"The previous headteacher Martin Braidley left the school and retired in 2013."

It is understood the figure was the remuneration of Mr Braidley, who was paid a bonus when he left the school after 14 years of service..

A Taxpayers' Alliance spokesman said Bury Colllege, Holy Cross College, St Monica's and Woodhey High School all responded to Freedom of Information requests and those responses are detailed in their report, containing the figures.