RAMSBOTTOM's Literary and Arts festival received a standing ovation as hundreds gathered to watch talented thespians perform weird and wonderful acts.

Organised by the Ramsbottom Writers' Circle, the festival celebrated authors, poets, performers and writers in a weekend long exhibition of what the town has to offer.

The festival provided a range of entertainment over the weekend from children's theatre in the morning to adults burlesque dancers in the evening.

There was also a variety of paid for and free events including 'meet-the-author' spots across the town and interactive theatre workshops.

Paul Jenkins, 37, a member of the circle and a performer in the festival with 'Splats Theatre Company', said the festival really showed off what the town has to offer.

He said: "We have the food festivals but this one has given off another dimension of its cultural character.

"We sit in a very creative place as we are close to Manchester and the Pennines, we've got influences close by us and this has helped us shaped our own cultural angle.

"It's a chance for local, talented writers and performers to express themselves and get noticed.

"I am a member of the circle but the people who deserve the credit are David Hills and Elaine Speakman for their organisation of the festival."